Welcome to ISNFF website. We are pleased to announce the activities of the society as reflected in its annual meeting and exhibition, journal and newsletter publication and sponsorship opportunities. ISNFF is Disciplinary Interest Group of IUFoST (approved 2008 in Shanghai).

International Speakers

Joseph Awika (USA)
Liangli Yu (USA)
Ronal B. Pegg (USA)
Bradley Bolling (USA)
Randy Hudson (USA)
Guangwei Huang (USA)
Sharon Shoemaker (USA)
Andrew Waterhouse (USA)
Carl Keen (USA)
Youling Xiong (USA)
A. Swaroop (USA)
Debasis Bagchi (USA)
Manashi Bagchi (USA)
Yi Gong (USA)
Chi-Tang Ho (USA)
Chun (Charles) Hu (USA)
A-N.Tony Kong (USA)
Bob Henning (USA)
Wallace Yokoyama (USA)
Bruce Daggy (USA)
Jianping Wu (Canada)
Rotimi Aluko (Canada)
Farah Hosseinian (Canada)
Fereidoon Shahidi(Canada)
Kelley Fitzpatrick (Canada)
Yoshinori Mine (Canada)
Abraham Girgih (Canada)
Zhuliang Tan (Canada)
Garry Shen (Canada)
L. L'Hocine (Canada)
Liao Wang (Canada)
Trust Beta (Canada)
Rong Cao (Tsao, Canada)
Robert Gilbert (Australia)
Colin Barrow (Australia)
T.V. Lafarga (Ireland)
Hanny Wijaya (Indonesia)
Amin Ismail (Malaysia)
Jose Rafael Minjares-Fuentes (Spain)
Cristina Rosell (Spain)
Antonie Fermenia (Spain)
Fabio Virgili (Italy)
J. Omar Diaz Rias (Mexico)
Petras Rimas Venskutonis (Lituania)
Branimir Pavlic (Russia)
Anoma Chandrasekara (Sri Lanka)
Baoru Yang (Finland)
Ryszard Amarowicz (Poland)
Cesarettin Alasalvar(Turkey)
Young-Joon Surh (Korea)
Hyun-Jin Park (Korea)
You-Jin Jeon (Korea)
Se-Kwon Kim (korea)
Soo-Wan Chae (Korea)
K.W. Lee (Korea)
Eunok Park (Korea)
Sang Moo Kim (Korea)
Eunsoo Jung (Korea)
Hyunsook Kim (Korea)
Guang-Chun Jin (Korea)
Yookyun Kim (Korea)
In-Ho Kim (Korea)
Chang-Suk Kong (Korea)
Taeyoung Hwang (Korea)
Hee-Sul Lee (Korea)
Dejian Huang (Singapore)
Abraham Girgih (Nigeria)
H-M. David Wang (Taiwan)
Chin-Kun Wang (Taiwan)
Lucy Sun Hwang (Taiwan)
K-H. Lee (Taiwan)
Min-Hsiung Pan (Taiwan)
Gow-Chin Yen (Taiwan)
Fanny Kuo (Taiwan)
Hui-Min Wang (Taiwan)
Hiroshi Ashida (Japan)
Kazuo Miyashita (Japan)
Masashi Kanai (Japan)
Yasuaki Nakagawa (Japan)
Atsui Imaizumi (Japan)
Kenji Sato (Japan)
Naoki Inoue (Japan)
Kazunori Mizuno (Japan)
M. Nishimura (Japan)
Toshiro Matsui (Japan)
Makoto Akao (Japan)
Liuqing Wang (Japan)
Shin Nakamura (Japan)
Lianfu Zhang (China)
Liping Zhao (China)
Juqing Huang (China)
Huijuan Zhang (China)
Xin Yi (China)
Bo Jiang (China)
Xujun Chen (China)
Steven Feng Chen (China)
Li Li (China)
Xiaobo Wang (China)
And Many Others

ISNFF 2015 Registration From

ISNFF 2015 Conference and Exhibition Registration
September 20-23, 2015
Worldhotel Grand Juna, Wuxi, China

Please fill in the ISNFF 2015 Registration From and fax to Conference Secretary, Ms.Peggy Parsons at (709) 737-4000, or scan and email to ISNFFsecretary@gmail.com

DOWNLOAD:ISNFF 2015 Registration From

ISNFF Student Poster Award Winners

This award is designed to encourage and highlights the outstanding research carried out by students in different aspects of functional foods, nutraceuticals, and natural health products. The first three places are awarded by a plaque and a cheque

ISNFF Fereidoon SHAHIDI Fellowship Award Recipients

Fereidoon SHAHIDI Fellowship was established in 2009 by its Board of Directors to recognize the many contributions of Professor SHAHIDI in the field of Nutraceuticals and Functional Foods. The Fellowship will be awarded annually at the ISNFF Meeting & Exhibition to an MSc or PhD graduate student with an outstanding record in both course work and research performance. Eligibility for this award requires (i) proof of graduate student status at an accredited University/College as of September 1st for the calendar year in question and (ii) current student membership in the ISNFF. Along with a plaque from the ISNFF, the Fereidoon Shahidi Fellowship will include a check for US$ 1,500 to advance the deserving student’s education.