Welcome to ISNFF website. We are pleased to announce the activities of the society as reflected in its annual meeting and exhibition, journal and newsletter publication and sponsorship opportunities. ISNFF is Disciplinary Interest Group of IUFoST (approved 2008 in Shanghai).

VITAFOODS ASIA 2016 POSTER PRESENTATION NOW OPEN! (20% discount code prokbn098)

Share your latest science, research project or product development with over 3,000 senior professionals within the nutraceutical, dietary supplement and functional nutrition market at Vitafoods Asia 2016 on 1-2 September in Hong Kong.  
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Deadline: Wednesday 20 July 2016, Midnight, GMT  
Vitafoods Asia is the only dedicated event for the nutraceutical, functional food and beverages, and dietary supplement industries in Asia, providing over 3,000 visitors with the opportunity to see the latest innovations, gain knowledge and meet new and existing suppliers.  
To learn more about Vitafoods Asia please visit: www.vitafoodsasia.com  
The Vitafoods Asia Poster Presentation presents a unique platform specifically designed to showcase excellence in nutritional science, innovation, business, and education. Co-developed with the International Society of Nutraceuticals and Functional Foods (ISNFF), the Vitafoods Asia Poster Presentation will showcase a selection of the very best the industry and academia has to offer.  
The Vitafoods Asia Judging Panel invites colleagues within both industry and academia to participate by submitting proposals of their latest projects, clinical trials, and research collaborations. All submitted articles will be blind reviewed by the Judging Panel to ensure an open, neutral and transparent selection process.  
Successful poster abstracts will be prominently featured at this year’s Vitafoods Asia and highlighted as key examples of excellence in research, innovation and business excellence to the Vitafoods global audience and the international functional nutrition community.  
By presenting a poster at Vitafoods Asia, you have the opportunity to:  
 Explain your work to an audience of over 3,000 industry professionals. These visitors are actively seeking cutting edge innovations, solutions and collaborations.  
 Meet and discuss your ideas and results with the industry and venture capital companies looking for investments.  
 Selected posters will be published on the Vitafoods Asia website after the event.  
Submit your poster abstract now!  
To learn more about this year’s Vitafoods Asia Poster Presentation and submit your abstract, please, visit:
Deadline: Wednesday 20 July 2016, Midnight, GMT  

Pre-conference ISNFF2016

Pre-conference ( October 8 [AM and PM] and October 9 [AM])  
Antioxidants and Oxidation Control: Fundamentals, Application Areas and Health Effects  
Topics include the following:  
- Antioxidants and oxidation control: Critical considerations  
- Lipid oxidation fundamentals and action mechanisms  
- Oxidative processes: Flavor effects and health implications  
- Arresting oxidation in food, feed and biological systems  
- Oxidation in bulk oil and emulsions and its control  
-Oxidation in meat, seafood and poultry and use of antioxidants  
- Oxidation in pet foods and its control  
- Oxidation in low-moisture products: snack foods and pet foods  
- Critical re-evaluation of antioxidant testing: Pitfalls and hurdles  
- Spices and herbs as antioxidants  
- Regulatory approval of natural antioxidants  
- Antioxidants in cancer chemoprevention  
- Antioxidants in cardioprotection  
- Carotenoids and xanthophylls as food antioxidants and colorants  
- Expanding the use of phenolic antioxidants by structure and other modification  
- Antioxidant beverages: The way to future  
- Citrus antioxidants  
- Caffeinated beverages and extracts as antioxidants  
- Delivery of antioxidants: Use of nanotechnology and other innovative processes  
- House keeping role of antioxidant enzymes  
- Cellular antioxidant systems: Do they provide an advantage?  
- Omega-3 oils and their protection  
- Closing remarks  
Course instructors (Confirmed and tentative): Fereidoon Shahidi, Debasis Bagchi, Kazuo Miyashita, Young-Joon Surh, Karen Schaich, Chi-Tang Ho, Milda Embuscado, John Finley, Min Hu, Namal Senanayake, James Tonkins, George Burdock, Charlotte Jacobsen, Colin Barrow, Jaroslav Kralovec  
Final program with time for each presentation will soon be announced  

Pre-conference Short Course

Pre-conference on Oct 8 (AM & PM) and 9 (AM) on Oxidation Processes and antioxidants  
Oxidative Processes and Antioxidants: Fundamentals, Applications, Promises, Hurdles and Effects on Food Quality and Health – Learning from the Past and Planning for the Future  
Oxidative processes result in food quality deterioration and loss of flavor, nutrients and revenues for the companies as well as having a negative effect on health. Fundamental aspects of oxidation, and how it can be controlled is discussed. The main thrust of the short course will be on the role of antioxidants in providing the necessary protection to food, feed and non-food commodities. Selection of methodologies for assessments, pitfalls and other effects will be covered. In addition, effects on health will be discussed. Legal issues will be touched upon where and when applicable. The short course is intended for scientists in companies, product/quality managers and formulation technologists and lab technicians. Graduate students as well as government regulators will find it essential for advancing their knowledge. Details will be released shortly. The course will be instructed by universally renowned experts from representative disciplines and sectors.  
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2016 Annual Conference & Exhibition  
Functional Foods, Nutraceuticals, Natural Health Products  
and Dietary Supplements  
October 8-13, 2016  
Rosen Shingle Creek Hotel, Orlando, FL, USA  
Please fill in the ISNFF 2016 Registration From and or scan and email to Conference Secretary, Ms. Peggy Parsons at isnffsecretary@gmail.com  
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